Media, as a Derivative of Journalism

This very provocative consideration was posed by none other than Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, in an article in the NYT’s Sunday magazine section on March 10. Although published a little more than a week ago, the article titled, “All the Aggregation That’s Fit to Aggregate” offers enough thought provoking discussion points about whether or not Media and journalism are really synonymous, to trigger many more such conversations.

Reaching Out and Touch Someone . . .

With the disastrous and colliding events taking place in Japan continuing to eclipse all other considerations and rendering everything not related to such devastation meaningless, I took a moment to reflect on a top-scoring slogan that came to mind, used not so long ago for AT&T’s long distance phone service — “reach out and touch someone.

5 on Cue with Chris Hosford, Hyundai Executive Director, Corporate Communications

Hosford began his career in journalism where he worked as a newspaper and magazine editor for more than 10 years. He then was “seduced by the dark side”, as his former auto journalist colleagues teased him, and joined Hill and Knowlton to provide support and counsel to his first client, Mazda. Now, with more than 25 years in public relations, including stints at two top ten PR agencies and two automakers, he couldn’t be happier working for Hyundai. He says that taking a brand from one that was the butt of late night comics jokes to one that today is frequently mentioned in the same breath with other top auto makers has been the most fun job he’s ever had. Exhausting, but fun.

5 on Cue With Jeanie Buss, Executive Vice President, Los Angeles Lakers

Entering her twelfth season as the Lakers Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Jeanie Buss is responsible for overseeing all of the Lakers business operations including relationships with the team’s broadcast partners, sponsors and season ticket holders. She serves as alternate Governor for the Lakers and is currently a member of the NBA Labor and Planning committees and is active with several charitable causes including the Lakers Youth Foundation.