The attributes of RED drive us to excel and remain at the cutting edge of change in the crowded and ever-evolving world of PR.

Two Maxed-Out Credit Cards

In 1985, two maxed-out credit cards paid for the rent of a small converted windowless storage space, two rented desks, two chairs, one computer, one fax machine and one small printer. The vision that would drive the new firm was free.

The new firm would have passionate people who would come up with answers before the client even had the question formulated. They would ask why not, when told it cannot be done. They would bring a collective world of influences and sharp evaluation skills and become a “virtual” part of each client’s business.


We don’t sell, we tell, we inform, we steer influence and persuade — and win, because we do so with authentic, relationship-based influence, the stimulating kind, the RED kind. PR is many things, but mostly it is about creating content and knowing how to connect effectively; it is about conversations and crafting and packaging stories designed to inform.

Business Connectors

With decades of experience in countless industries, we help businesses connect to those that need to know and hear of them.

Media Experts

It is not just about having established relationships with online and offline media, rather it is what you do, when you do it, and how you get their attention when it matters the most.

Consumer Activators

While others are busy blasting messages at consumers, we work to understand consumer behaviors and wants, and then craft messages relevant to them to create meaningful interactions.

Brand Positioners

It is difficult to understand a brand’s DNA. We specialize in crystalizing your core message and differentiating your brand in the marketplace.

Social Influencers

It is not enough to have a only social media department. It is about creating clout to be influential, both offline and online.

Millennials, Xers, and Boomers in Harmony

Three generations of professionals, each with their own experiences and unique perspectives, respecting each other’s point of view and making it all come together as one. (Most of the time).

iGen/Gen Z Specialists

We have a profound understanding of their needs and wants and therefore get how brands can effectively reach them. We wrote the book on it.

Team Leaders

Noemi Pollack
Founder & CEO

Stefan Pollack
President & CFO

Will Ostedt
Senior Vice President

Jeff Monford
Managing Director

Mark Havenner
Vice President

Jackie Liu
Account Supervisor

Julie Bagdikian
Account Supervisor

Stephanie Goldman
Senior Account Manager

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