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Greetings: The timeliness of the annual Edelman 2017 Trust Barometer, which finds the largest ever drop in trust across government, business, media, and NGOs, is daunting, given the recent political events. Fake news got much notice from all corners including Facebook and Google, who have started to make responsible moves. And oh dear! TV is now taking a back seat as the major news outlet for some 1.8 billion Facebook users and probably more.  Maybe you missed some of it, but here it is

Noemi is Founder and CEO of The Pollack PR Marketing Group, an integrated agency based in Los Angeles with offices in New York, celebrating its 31st year of driving influence and branding awareness.

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2017 Trust Barometer: ‘Global Trust Implosion’ Fuels Rising Populism

The Holmes Report

The 17th edition of the study, which polled 33,000 respondents around the world, finds the largest ever drop in trust across government, business, media and NGOs. The findings reinforce the Holmes Report’s view that the collapse in trust helps to explain political events such as last year’s Brexit vote and the Trump election victory. Read More.

TV Stations Worry That Facebook Is Taking Over Mobile, Digital News


It’s no secret a large number of Facebook users — some 1.8 billion of them — are getting much of their news from the giant site — not just national news, but local news. And that isn’t good news for TV stations. Given these media metrics, Facebook is increasingly difficult for TV stations to avoid. Read More.

Facebook, Google Move Against Fake News


Amid growing concern about the impact on politics and society of fake news distributed via social media, several of the major tech platforms are moving to combat the phenomenon – though it remains to be seen with what effect. This week, Facebook and Google both unveiled changes intended to curtail fake news, as well as expose users to a broader range of information sources in Facebook’s case. Read more.

The U.S. Media’s Problems Are Much Bigger Than Fake News And Filter Bubbles

Harvard Business Review

The U.S. media has come under intense scrutiny, with analysts, politicians, and even journalists themselves accusing it of bias and sensationalism – of having failed us – in its coverage of the presidential election. Critics across the political spectrum have said that fake news and cyberattacks played a big role in determining the course of events. Read More.

Agency News

Los Angeles Business Journal Executive Style Office

Agency President Stefan Pollack was profiled in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Executive Office” feature. As part of the editorial spread, Stefan chose to highlight a variety of family antiques, personal awards and quirky, yet significant, work mementos.

The 2017 Global Communications Report Survey

We are proud to have our agency presidentStefan Pollack and agency account supervisor Jackie Liu on the Public Relations faculty at the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism. If you are in the PR/communications industry, please join us in taking this important survey of global communications professionals.

What Marketers Should Consider Before The Launch of Their Next Brand Video

What do brand marketers need to know about the format of videos before their next video project? We asked the team at our LAB 186 content studio, and then translated their “geek speak” into something all brand marketing professionals are able to understand. Read more.


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And We Add A Few Client Highlights…

2017 Rose Parade

While on the streets of Pasadena at the 2017 Rose Parade, the agency welcomed in the new year and celebrated the success of its client, Fiesta Parade Floats.  The 128th Rose Parade marked the 16th year that PPMG has supported client participation in the annual celebration. As the AOR for the Parade’s premier builder of Rose Parade floats, the agency spent its holiday season (during decorating week and as well as on parade day) supporting local, regional, national and international media on behalf of Fiesta Parade Floats, as well as for its clients. In addition to the intense media interest generated by the annual event, the agency also managed all of Fiesta’s social media properties, developing content to drive interest, and produced a 25-market satellite media tour featuring the float builder’s clients.  The effort culminated on parade day when Fiesta received seven awards for its floats, including the Sweepstakes Trophy, the parade’s highest honor.


PowToon Brings Tanzanian Hadzabe Tribe Cartoons For The First Time

As part of an effort to understand whether the language of animation is universal, agency client PowToon brought their animation platform deep into remote Tanzania and shared it with the Hadzabe, one of the world’s most remote tribes. During their meeting, Powtoon learned that the Hadzabe tribe lacked adequate health care and, as such, connected them with local doctors who would help them with a chronic eye problem, common in the region. PowToon’s subsequent video portrayed an amazing journey and the agency shared this experience with audiences through a media relations campaign.


SodaStream Takes On Nestle And The Plastic Bottled Water Industry

The PPMG team continued its coordination of SodaStream’s successful “cease and desist” media tour with an interview on CNBC with SodaStream’s CEO Daniel Birnbaum. Birnbaum was in US, traveling to Orlando’s ICR conference to speak about SodaStream’s global position as the number one sparkling water brand. The CNBC coverage underscored the ongoing narrative that the agency team helped establish during Birnbaum’s December New York media tour.  The focus of that tour was on  the plastic water bottle industry being the biggest marketing and advertising scam of all time, since consumers can get “water without the bottle.” In addition, the team created and distributed an infographic about U.S. hydration trends. We secured coverage in People Magazine, which highlighted SodaStream as a product that encourages healthy resolutions.