…from Noemi Pollack’s Desk – January

Greetings: With the holidays now behind us, we can look forward to changes worth noting: how some major mainstream publishers are expanding into promising digital areas like sponsored content; how information overload hasn’t exploded (as yet); how consumer changes in behavior have a bearing in design concepts; and how over two billion social media users are now categorized by age, not just interests. Maybe you missed some of it, but here it is…

Noemi is Founder and CEO of The Pollack PR Marketing Group, an integrated agency based in Los Angeles with offices in New York, celebrating its 31st year of driving influence and branding awareness.

Stories You May Have Missed…

Publishers Take On Ad Agency Roles With Branded Content

The Wall Street Journal

For traditional news outlets such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Time Inc., expanding in promising digital areas like sponsored content is vital. In many cases, print advertising is falling faster than digital ad revenue is growing and in the online world, the dominance of ad giants Facebook and Alphabet Inc.’s Google is intensifying. A recent round of poor financial results in the newspaper industry underscored those pressures, forcing publishers to cut costs and lay off employees. Read More.

Information Overload

Pew Research Center

Since the 1970s, the term “information overload” has captured society’s anxiety about the growth in the production of information having potentially bad consequences for people as they struggle to cope with seemingly constant streams of messages and images. The advent of the internet, it was thought, would only exacerbate this, with the onset of ubiquitous connectivity turning information overload into something even more debilitating. But it didn’t… Read More.

Ford’s Futurist Foreshadows Consumer Trends to Watch in 2017

Advertising Age

As the in-house futurist at Ford Motor Company, Sheryl Connelly’s job is to predict the future — not necessarily about driving or cars, but about how consumer behavior is changing. Ms. Connelly’s findings, however, often have a bearing on how the automaker designs, builds and markets cars. Read more.

How to Market to Each Generation on Social Media


Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or a young member of Gen Z, there’s a good chance you use some form of social media. In fact, there are over two billion social media users worldwide. When it comes to marketing, segmenting social media content for your audience is key. And one way to target your social media marketing efforts is by age group. Read More.

Agency News

Noemi Pollack, with the great Russian Film Director Nikita Mikhalkov at the opening gala ceremony at the New Mariinsky in St. Petersburg

1ccb773e-7fe4-4a08-b516-77f8fc2383baOur CEO, Noemi Pollack, was invited by Worldcom Partner Svetlana Malkarova of Media Consulting, Moscow, to join her pianist husband, Daniel Pollack, as a participant in the V. St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. She recently received a communiqué from that Director of the Forum, Egor Moskvin, in which he wrote, “We thank you for participating in the meeting of leaders of world forums and festivals “Festival of Festivals” as a representative of one of the most leading USA PR Agency and Worldcom PR  Group partner. We believe that ideas that you expressed during the meeting will be implemented in the nearest futures.”

The Holiday Red List

af298859-a90d-4bcd-8c4a-5c6f7fb36634Get in the holiday spirit with our Holiday Red List! Available now on Spotify.

Wandering in Uncharted PR Territory: Blockchain Technology

69da7600-f8fb-410a-b46b-92f32f5b3cdeThis month, PPMG explored the exciting new PR territory, and assessed the risks and rewards of leveraging blockchain technology in public relations campaigns. Read Julie Bagdikian’s article in The Bulldog Reporter.

The Next Chapter for AdTech

MediaAlpha, a leading AdTech company whose platform connects advertisers and publishers to leverage and seamlessly sell, buy and place, vertical pay-per-click, pay-per-call, pay-per-lead search media ads, has retained PPMG as its agency of record. A pioneer in the AdTech space, MediaAlpha is best know for innovating programmatic technology and vertical search, bringing transparency and efficiency to both buyers and sellers. Its platform empowers advertisers to more effectively engage high-intent consumers through a variety of touchpoints to increase reach and improve campaign ROI. Through its platform, publishers gain granular control over ad inventory to optimize yield and maximize total revenue. The company’s proprietary technology powers over 25 million annual transactions, totaling more than $200 million in annual transaction volume across the insurance, travel, personal finance, education, and the home services industries. 


Ten PR Defining Moments of 2016

unknown-1Each year we review the moments that impact the PR industry and brand marketing and it’s safe to say that 2016 was a bit… different than years past. Please find our picks for our seventh annual Ten PR Defining Moments of 2016 here

And We Add A Few Client Highlights…

Luxe Hotels and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Team Up To Launch Luxe Hotels’ Giving Back Program

The agency arranged a partnership for its client Luxe Hotels with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to help build healthier futures for critically ill and injured children across Southern California and beyond. This was done through a new Luxe Hotels Giving Back program, where the two flagship properties facilitated donations to the hospital. Luxe Hotels aims to raise $25,000 over the rest of 2017.


Shaming Plastic Bottle Makers

The agency helped SodaStream amplify the company’s “Shame or Glory” campaign, which tapped “Game of Thrones” actors Thor Bjornsson and Hannah Waddingham to encourage consumers to stop using plastic bottles and switch to tap water to make sparkling water. The campaign went viral, with more than 50 million views. As a result, SodaStream became a target of global plastic water bottle industry groups who presented ‘cease and desist’ orders to the company. The agency aided SodaStream in a coordinated global response, including a New York media tour with SodaStream’s CEO Daniel Birnbaum, which garnered interviews on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Yahoo Finance and Wall Street Journal. 


Netafim Champions

Netafim’s Drip Irrigation Champions were on full display at the 2016 Irrigation Show earlier this month as part of agency client Netafim’s booth design at the annual gathering of irrigation and water professionals.  The champions are a result of an effort to build a nation of successful drip irrigation stories featuring farmers in various regions of the country. Each Champion is also being featured in print and radio advertisements, as well as in online videos distributed on Netafim’s social media properties.


Sweet Deals and Deep Discounts

From Thanksgiving to Super Saturday (and sometimes earlier, thanks to a phenomenon known as the ‘Christmas Creep’), online retailers and brick-and-mortars alike, boasted the best deals throughout the Holiday Shopping Season. Each year, agency client Market Track analyzes depth of discount, year-over-year trends and best prices among retailers for top tier national media. In leveraging this data along with expert commentary, the agency worked tirelessly to position Market Track as a thought leader in the retail space, resulting in coverage which appeared in Time, three Wall Street Journal articles, NBC News, Fortune and Advertising Age, along with four syndicated articles by the Associated Press and articles on Reuters and Bloomberg.