After All, It’s About Children

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Greater Los Angeles (MAWLA) needed to reconnect with its community and foster new marketing relationships and asked the agency for new concepts.  We launched a 60-day campaign, entitled A Season of Wishes™, with experiential and visual elements, called “Wish It Blue,”  (the Foundation’s signature color).  We did a city-wide alert of the “blue” with a flip of a virtual switch turning major Los Angeles landmarks “blue”, including the famed Pacific Ferris Wheel, the Santa Monica Pier, the Queen Mary and the Vincent Thomas Bridge. We created an influencers group, the Circle of Wishes, to expand the campaign. MAWLA’s individual inspiring kid-wish stories were spread across the media, with reporters interacting with the children and their families, capturing the stories live on local broadcast media.

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